Dog training, dog psychology, diet, vet care, grooming, dog sports, working trials,shows, breeding program for saving the traditional bone mouth shar-pei, are all that I have worked on, with love and passion these 12 years and now support my breeding. With one dream and one purpose , shar-pei typical to their standard , that will walk with pride to the show rings and working trials too!

Knowing the mistakes of the past that have ‘’destroy’’ the breed, such as entropio- ectropio , dermatological problems and dysplasia, it starts here a breeding program for the health and longtevity of the shar-pei and of course for their working ability and temperament, something that has almost extinct from the breed now days.

I m trying to succeed all these with the right dogs and matting’s.

I m seriously looking and breeding dog’s , only with perfect clean eyes, free from entropio-ectropio , with no dysplasia or dermatological problems and allergies, or skeletical disorders, with the correct bite, numbers of teeth , good pigmentation, and wire coat, and all have been used or tried , for their working ability (they have to be easy trained, smart and absolutely have a protection and hunting instinct).

But maybe this kennel is not for those people that just want a super wrinkled , over typed shar-pei to cuddle it all day and have it as a ‘’stuff dog’’.

I will not sacrifice for money and marketing any living creature. For me the shar-pei is not a stuff toy, but a live, pride dog with dignity.

I want shar-pei to be able to see with no interrupting their vision much fold skin. To be able to eat without biting their lips. To be able to move and run without too heavy heads to make it difficult. To be able to breath with no problems even in the hot summer while they running, but first of all not loosing their identity .

They where ‘’Chinese fighting dogs’’ with agile and grace and they mast remain this way!

Because under their loving personality they hide a great warrior, ready to face with no fear every danger and enemy in order to protect its family that adores and love till death!

It’s also a dog that is ready to hunt wild boars in the forest, kill ruts in the field, with the same easiness us herding the ships . and is the same dog with the fine movement , able to stand up in a show ring and in the end of the day just lying there in your legs to sleep.

The same passion here define my breeding for traditional bone mouth shar-pei, a dog that lived in ancient china for thousand of years and still excist . In my kennel the traditional bone mouth shar-pei is treated with all the respect that deserves.

So I split in my mind the breed into two types (something that we wait fro the F.C.I to do in the rings too..):
•The WESTERN SHAR-PEI , with the ‘’hippo’’ meat mouth , the more wrinkles and the heavy structure and the

•TRADITIONAL SHAR-PEI with the bone mouth , with no pudding, the horse coat , lighter built structure and less wrinkles(only in head).

Witch ever of them you choose , you will be sure that it will steal your heart for ever! With it’s unique look ,but first of all with it’s amazing personality that has almost humane behavior and intelligence. A special dog in the canine world that will be a forever friend and protector for you.

This is the shar-pei!