The diet of the dog is the alpha and omega, for the well-being and energy. It is the first to consider , after getting your new dog home. The ration should be vary according to:

  1. The age of the dog (puppy, adult, senior),
  2. the weight (overweight, gaunt,  normal),
  3. the size  (dwarf, small, medium, large, giant),
  4. the energy (overactive, normal, unwieldy),
  5. the time and intensity of its daily walk (little walk around the block,  or  large walks with jogging,  play and action),
  6. its sexual condition ( neutered or not, dog/or bitch in breeding program),
  7. the place of living (country with hot or cold climate),
  8. the time of the year (warm month/cold month),
  9. the direction of its work (guard, hunter, sport dog, companion),
  10. the reproductive period , if it is female( in oestrus, pregnency, breastfeeding),
  11. its temper (nervous,hyperactive,normal or  lazy ),
  12. some specific features of the breed ,that has to do with diet ( prone to food allergies , skin problems ,kidney failure, skeletal problems),
  13. and finally its health status  ( sick , hospitalized, after-operation , etc.)