At 19 June 2010, in Greece, at ”MARATHON LAND”, it took place the CAC Greek breed dogs show, from the kennel club of Greece .

‘’EFIALTIS H.L KYNON MELATHRON’’, was there to register in our club for BEA-3, as the first recognized, traditional bone mouth shar-pei in Greece, and one of the few that still exist in the world .

He proved to be an excellent type of the breed and as the all-rounder judge, Mr. Stelios Makaritis, that judged him, said , is worth to full his genes in the Greek breeding lines, and not only, in order to improve the health of the western type meat mouth shar-pei.
A big thanks to Mr. Makaritis, that loved and believed in the quality of that dog , and also love and accept the traditional bone mouth shar-pei, while others criticize that type and don’t believe in its existence ,or don’t even know the history of this Chinese breed.