The care of a shar-pei ,should be a very easy task, when it comes from good breeding. Shar-pei from good breeding lines should not be saffer from any kind of dermatological problem and allergies,

If you even choose a dog without excessive folds, then you will definitely have a healthier animal (it has been proven, that the more skin folds the dog has , the more health problems generally it faces, in eyes, ears, skin, mouth, amyloidosis and shar-pei fever ). Although few breeders will admit it with a number of excuses, since the “wrinkled puppies” are the ones that bring profit and the trademark of the breed.

The care of the shar-pei should be about: the ears, the hair and the nails, and it should not concern you about anything else. Other wish, you have to do with a not healthy sample of the breed, and you should not use it in any breeding program and I m strict about this, because thats why this breed suffers from so many genetic health problems. Don’t look only the appearance  please, health is mach importance!