My old boy Lakis (Voukefalas), at 11-12-2012, he became 13!!!!
A dog, that even now, despite the white hairs in his coat, make you feel awe in his passage, both with his appearance, and with his ”explosive” temperament, which remains in the highest levels until today. An example which should direct and guide ,as a standard to my breeding ..
Incredibly healthy (never went to the vet, never had any health problems!), sturdy, strong, loving , but also a true fighter against anyone that threaten those who loves.
He is here, playing and teaching the next generations ,his son ”Efialti” and his grandson ”Vrodea” and teaching me daily how a CHINESE FIGHTING DOG , a trully shar-pei should really be..
Huppy birthday my boy,
i m proud to have you in my breeding!!!