Now that all dogs have passed the working test and have their certifications, we have plans for the summer of 2012 with two new litters, from the following combinations :


These litters will be unique us all of the ‘’parent’’ are working dogs as much as show dogs and perfect pet dogs too. This influence of traditional shar-pei genes to both litters, will give healthier puppies and amazing temperaments! All of the parents are free of entropio-ectropio, skin problems, dysplasia, shar-pei fever and are perfect dogs for sports , hunting and guarding.

The combination of ”Efialti” with ”Kively”, will probably give (you never know with genetic..) horse coat of all types (bone mouth, meat mouth, meaty bone mouth) and we hope for traditional puppies also! The amazing bone structure, with muzzle athletic body and big chest, the long legs, the strong hunting instinct and guarding abilities, the nerve and agile, the smartness the endurance and the fearless character of both parents will give perfect working and sport dogs for serious dog lovers that want something more than a pet.. .

The combination of ”Efialti” with ”Magna” will probably give horse and brush coat puppies of all types. The loving and absolutely tender temper , the willing to please you at all times, the calm and easy trained character and the cutest faces ,will promise you perfect puppies for home and family, but remember behind these sweet faces are hidden great hunters!

We have no couch potatoes in this kennel! All dogs are tested and are still working in many areas and sports. They can be the perfect family dogs but they have also special needs and are not dogs of ”30′ walk”. They need exercise for their body as much as for their mind. Living with such a dog is something you will never forget!