On 12 of November in 1999 in Greece, Sara (Chang Lee), gave birth to 9 healthy shar-pei puppies that all weaned and grew up normally. This large number of puppies in one single litter ,is still an unsurpassed record for our country and also a very rare phenomenon worldwide in the shar-pei litters and breeding. Even after artificial insemination this number, very rare can be achieved. This is because shar-pei as a breed have a small number of puppies in a litter with natural insemination, which usually consists of 3 to 4 puppies, sometimes even less. Sara was successfully mother 3 times in her life and always with the number of 9 puppies in all of her litters. The surprise came when her last litter was consisted of blue (gray) puppies! It is therefore the first registered in our kennel club, blue shar-pei litter in Greece !!