At the 24-25 of April 2010, the Greek kennel club, organized the working trial championship and the primary contest for the selection of our Greek team for the final championship of FCI IPO 2010.

Among many German shepherds, malinois and Groenendaels ,it was also a shar-pei…Magna (RANCIPAN HAHKA), that she compete and succeed to the BH test, and made all of us, the lovers of this breed and the audience to cheer up full of enthusiasm, and she proved for one more time the endless list of the abilities of a shar-pei!

A big thanks to the judge from Slovenia Hari Arcon, that he was happily surprised from this competition, and to all the team of Clever Canin that helped me make my dream come true.

But among all others I want first to thank my precious Magna, that still now in her 6th year of age ,is giving me daily sensation, excitement and pride, because she can bring to an end everything I give her to do. Stay for ever this way my little Magna!!!