After her achieves in the show rings, in the agility, in protection, in herding and hunting, now CH.GR. RANCIPAN HAHKA ,for the most of you just ’’Magna’’ , she is coming buck to succeed in the working trials, to the BH test.

She is the first shar-pei that has ever done and succeed in all these categories and the first one that has a working book!

Her training besides it started in her 6th years of life, and lasted only for 4 months ( we usually start training a dog from puppyhood ,and the training last as long as 2 years),she give us hopes that she can compete with the German shepherds, the Malinois, the Groenendaels, the Dobermans and all the other working breeds in the same trial , and come buck home with a lot of points, pride and we hope a prize , that will remind to all that shar-pei is still a working dog.

Good luck my little Magna!