The workbooks of ”Efialti” (EFIALTIS HL KYNON MELATHRON) and ”Kively” (PEPPE NERO GINSENG GROVE), are ready and in my hands! Now they official are working dogs! Two more shar-pei of KYNON MELATHRON kennel disprove the myths about the breed as non sporting dogs. They will compete in the working trials for BH , that will take place at Pila –Aulonas in Clever Canin, on 25-26 February 2012.

” Efialtis” was trained within 15 days and at the age of 3 years old (an extremely short period of time for that kind of training, which normally lasts several months, starting from the time the dog is still puppy), but we hope that he will succeed and pass the BH test. ”Kively” has finished her own training and is now capable of competing in the trials. Good luck my buddies!

You can attend if you want to the working trials and we would be happy to see you around!